So, I’m knitting socks as a thank you for someone, and I finished one last night. These socks just don’t want to be knit. Here are my reasons:

First: I’m knitting them toe-up, and when I cast-off, they where to tight to get on. Poo. So I had to rip out the cast-off and do a Sewn bind-off. Not so bad, but this little incident did set me back.

Second: I put the needles and the yarn in my backpack to start the second sock at school. Then, when I picked up my backpack to get off the bus, the pocket was open, and some stuff fell out. So I grabbed the stuff and stuffed it back into my backpack. But, in my hurry to get my class, I guess I didn’t realize that I didn’t grab my yarn, so I lost the yarn to make the second sock. Stupid Kaity! Now I have to wait until Monday to get another skein of yarn to finish the socks.



~ by Kaity on October 19, 2006.

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