I hate rude people.

You can read my mom’s blog about the rudeness at the concert. I didn’t care that I couldn’t see because jerks where standing on their chairs right in front of us (regardless that they didn’t even know any of the songs). I was upset that my little sister couldn’t see, she was supposed to be seeing her favorite band! Well, we shifted around and we finally got to see what was going on. The band played well, and the lead singer is the hottest guy ever. Plus we had binoculars, so we could see well. I just hate rude people. I yelled at those stupid girls who knows how many times. Argh, I wanted to push them off their freakin’ chairs! But we still had fun.
I got knitting done while waiting in line. I could hear some girls a couple feet away.
“You know, I judge people all the time. Like, ‘She’s a nerd’ or ‘She’s ugly’, but I say positive things, too. Like ‘I like her shoes’ and look at her, she’s knitting a pretty scarf.” Well, the shallow girl likes my scarf, yay for me…

My scarf enjoyed the opening band, too. I’m officially half way through, I started my second ball this morning.

Oh yeah, remember how I said the scarf was on hold? My gracious sock swap partner told me to knit the scarf. I still feel selfish, but I love this scarf.


~ by Kaity on October 19, 2006.

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