“I Love You.”

Ok, let’s see a raise of hands, who out there watches Survivor? Did you watch it last night?!

Oh my gosh, funniest… thing… ever…

Do you know what I’m talking about? That Billy Guy?

So, here’s the senario for those of you who didn’t see it (I feel sorry for you, it was awesome.) Ok, so the Aitu (Latino) tribe was getting tired of Billy because he was to lazy and blah blah blah, so they decide to throw the challenge so they could go to Tribal Coucil and vote him out. So, at the challenge, the Aitu tribe was standing next to the Raro (White) Tribe, and Billy looks over to the girls on the other team and says something Like “I’m going home”, or something like that, and the two girls standing there go “Aww, but we love you!”. Then, Billy looks at Candice (one of the girls) all serious and says “I love you.”

Now, I thought maybe he was just flustered and didn’t really know what to say, but I guess he meant it! At tribal Councilo, he starts talking about that he came to win, and he didn’t get the million dollars, but He won a different Prize, True Love. He said that he and Candice had a moment at the challenge and he knew it was love at first sight.

Then Jeff (The Host) says “Candice?! From the other team?!” He was all mouth-agape. It was flippin HILARIOUS! I feel sorry for this guy, he thinks she loves him!

Well, Billy got voted off, and I want to see next week when Jeff asks Candice about her true love, Billy. She’s gonna be like, “What are you talking about?”

I never laughed so hard.

Knitting content tomorrow… maybe.


~ by Kaity on October 19, 2006.

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