You spin me right round

SO, the lovely lady at the yarn/fiber store next to my school loaned me one of her very own wheels, woo hoo!! I’ll only need to borrow this one until Christmas (hint hint MOM). Ah! I’m so excited! Spinning on a wheel is so much fun. I learned at the store with some ugly brown wool, then brought the wheel home and practiced some more with the ugly wool. They, I figured I was doing good enough to start on the pretty fancy roving I bought while I was there. I chose these colors because there has been entirely too much blue/green action going on. Anyway, Wanna see what I can do?

Awww, it looks so cute. I just spun up a tiny bit of my fancy fluff, then tryed to ply it. This is what I got:
Looks like sherbert! I’m so excited! I’ve already filled up one bobbin with half of the roving in this color that I bought, then I’ll spin the other half and ply them to make more of what you see above. Mom already has plans for the yarn she wants me to spin for her.

Oh yeah, I have a secret project I’m knitting right now. I’m about 10 rows from being done, then I’ll show you.



~ by Kaity on October 19, 2006.

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