Ok, how about a real post?

I knit this thing so fast I didn’t have time to post about it:

A minisweater. I’m not sure if I like this so much. No  wait, I really like this pattern and everything, just not on me. I’m not sure if I’ll wear it or not. But, it’s cute, anyway.

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-ease, 1 and a half skeins
Needles: US Size 9 24″ circular
Pattern: Minisweater

My grandma gave me 3 skins of Wool-ease in this pretty green color because I made her a couple animals, so I made the minisweater. Then I had one left over. What should I make?

A scarf, that’s what. This is my take on those Harry Potter scarves. But, mine’s in ribbing, and Slytherin colors, green and silver, although technically I should be in Ravenclaw.

Don’t laugh at me, I know i’m a nerd.

For some reason, I’ve wanted to make mittens lately. Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is coming up, and I actually get to go somewhere COLD! Maybe I’ll put the scarf down for a while and knit a new pair of mittens.


~ by Kaity on November 6, 2006.

5 Responses to “Ok, how about a real post?”

  1. Sev and I are Ravenclaw too, along with fyberduck…. hmmm I’m noticing a trend.

  2. The mini sweater looks great! I love that color. Nice job on the sleeves.

  3. I like the style of the sweater, but not all styles look good on me either. That’s why I HAVE to try on clothes before buying. But if I knit it & it doesn’t look good on me … it’ll make a great gift for somebody.

    I love the scarf & the color combo!

  4. LOVE the sweater! I remember seeing that pattern and not loving it so much, but your variation is much better! It’s on my list now…good job on yours!

  5. […] knitting a sweater, but I couldn’t find a pattern I really liked. Than I remembered that Minisweater thing I made a while […]

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