Hey, LOOK!

I’ve got knitting in this post! I got some cool new sock yarn today, and That always makes me happy. Check it out:

That’s Austermann Step, which is this really cool sock yarn with Aloe and Jojoba in it, It doesn’t really look or feel all that soft in the ball, but once you start knitting with it… Holey Moley, It’s soooooooooooooooooo soft. Oy, I wish you could feel it. Plus, the colorway I picked is super-cool. Red and Black? Very Punk. I’m doing this pair Toe-up. I also tryed a new thing, the Turkish cast-on, which was very difficult at first, but look at how nice my toe looks!

You can barely tell where the toe started, And I think once I do it more, than you won’t be able to tell at all. Very cool. Turkish Cast-on, you are my friend.

So, tomorrow I’m bringing The wristwarmers for Mary-kay with me to school to knit during my Hour long break, because I’m almost done with them, I just have to buckle down and do it.

This could possibly be my last post before I leave for Thanksgiving, I’ll try to find something good to blog about before I go.


~ by Kaity on November 21, 2006.

4 Responses to “Hey, LOOK!”

  1. Wow you can’t hardly see a seam. I think I need to figure out that Turkish cast on.

  2. Don’t cha love that Turkish Cast-on? I just discovered it too, BUT, I can’t seem to get past it with my broken foot issue/bunion thing. How do I know how much to increase for that? I guess I can just increase and figure out by trying it on. Har!

    You, again, are sooooo GREAT for doing my wrist-warmers. Do NOT feel the need to hurry! Take your time! I would hate for you to feel like they are dragging you down.

    Can’t wait to see those socks knitted up. You’re right, VERY punk…

  3. Toe up socks are great ‘coz you can try them on as you go. I’ve see the Turkish cast on done on a video once but have yet to try it. Looks like you took to it right away!

  4. I felt some of that Austerman the other day and thought that it felt scratchy. Good to hear that it knits nicer than that 🙂

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