Another One Checked Off The List!

Yesterday at rehearsal went awesome, I went over all I had to do on Monday when we tape, and I got to meet Amy Singer!!! It was very cool. Amy was there filming her show. I wonder who else will be there on Monday. I didn’t get to meet my Knitsters yet, and I didn’t get to meet Vickie, she was pretty busy. But, hopefully I won’t be a nervous wreck on Monday. Mom will take plenty of pictures, so I’ll give ya a behind-the-scenes look.

Check off one more hat off my Christmas Knit List, here’s my dad’s Hat. I got my brother to model it for me:

Crappy Picture, I know. There is something weird goin on with the camera, I’m hoping to buy myself a new one with my Christmas Money. Ok, anyway, It’s basically the same as my brother’s Green hat I made, but this one is blue. I was going to put Gray stripes on it, but When I got to that point, I was at school, and I forgot my gray yarn. So, It’s boring and Blue. I’m thinking about duplicate stitching something on it, I just don’t know what, yet.

Next up on the Christmas List, A Hermione Hat for my cousin who I’m going to visit in Texas soon. A Black one, probably.

Watch for my next post for Knitty gritty Pictures.


~ by Kaity on December 2, 2006.

4 Responses to “Another One Checked Off The List!”

  1. Cute hat, love the color. I am in the midst of holiday knits, myself. 🙂

  2. knitty gritty knitty gritty knitty gritty!! =D

  3. The Yarn Harlot says she’s going to LA on Monday (for her upcoming Knitty Gritty episode)… wouldn’t that be fun if she was there?! Either way, how cool that you get to be a guest designer in the same class as these other famous knitters!! Have fun!

  4. The amazing Kaity wasn’t even nervous? Whoa, Like The Wolf!

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