Well, this makes up for having to go back to school!

So far, this has been a GOOD week. First up, Monday. I got home from my first day of classes (World History 1, Cultural Anthropology, US Government, and Racial and Ethnic Group Relations) and there was a package waiting for me from Jennifer. I won a contest at her blog and got a skein of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and a skein of Koigu:

Also, you can see there a gift certificate to my LYS. When you spend, I think it’s $275 dollars there, they send you a gift certificate for $25. Sweet! Seeing as this is the second one of these i’ve gotten, that’s $550. Whoa….

Anyway. Skip to Tuesday. No school (I’ve got Tuesdays and Thursdays off). I finished Marion’s Swap socks. Yay!

Wednesday: I got home from school and there was yet another package waiting for me. The socks that Marion knit for Me! Check it out:

Arent they Lovely?! Holey Moley, they’re my favorite color, too. I’m so happy. I put them on and haven’t take them off since.

So. That skein of Wool Ease Thick and Quick was just sitting around, staring at me, saying “Make Something!”. So, I did:

I sat down with the yarn and my size Q crochet hook and whipped this scarf out in about half an hour. I love my Size Q Hook. I used up practically every inch of yarn, and it’s the perfect length. Here’s a close-up:

Big Yarn + Big Hook = Big Stitches. I love this scarf. I want to go to Michael’s right now and buy more skeins to make more scarves. Fun Stuff.

One Last thing, I’ve got myself another swap partner, so I’m starting her socks tonight… once I find that sock yarn…


~ by Kaity on January 11, 2007.

One Response to “Well, this makes up for having to go back to school!”

  1. Hi Kaity. I’ve been reading your blog for a lil while, but this is my first comment. I really emjoy your blog, your knitting, and your great personality. I’ve just started my blog TODAY, like 5 minutes ago. But I had to comment today, because your LYS is my LYS too. I kinda feel honoured to share that with you! Okay, so I feel like a dork now, but that’s okay. 🙂


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