New Hair and a New Scarf

My hair was this weird reddish-brown color that I really hated:

So I dyed it:

I love it. I love having dark hair, it’s so much fun. Since I’m growing it out, I have fun with color. I kinda miss having a bright red streak in it, though.

Anyway, knitting stuff:

It’s the Shifting Sands pattern (altered to 27 CO stitches because of the larger guage) using some Lamb’s Pride worsted from my stash. I’m loving it, the pattern is really fun. I know I always say I’m not a pink person, and i’m still not, but I may make an exception (Or give it to my sister if I ever finish it.)

Now i’m off to go knit and watch TV until I get sleepy, I can stay up late because I get to sleep in tomorrow, score! Let’s see how far I get on my scarf…


~ by Kaity on February 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “New Hair and a New Scarf”

  1. I love having brunette hair too. I like the new color a lot. 🙂 I should dye my hair soon. I am beginning to get white hair popping up. EEEK!

    Love the Shifting Sands scarf. It looks lovely and the pink is pretty.

  2. Oooh the new hair color is so pretty!

    The scarf is pretty too. I’ve been wanting to try that pattern but all the little cables look so tedious. But you said it’s fun so maybe they aren’t. 🙂

  3. Cute!

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