Saturday Music Listen

Ok, 10 songs I’ve been really into this week.

1. “The Drunk Hounds” by Matthew Winters (My cousin’s cousin. My 2nd cousin?).
2. “The Sun Never Shines (on Closed Doors)” by Flogging Molly.
3. “Take On Me” by a-Ha.
4. “Wake Up” by Coheed and Cambria.
5. “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash.
6. “Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand.
7. “Cold Hard Bitch” by JET
8. “You Give Me Something” by James Morrison
9. “Dead!” by My Chemical Romance
10. “Stone Cold Crazy” by Queen.

And I finished those socks for my sister, you’ll have to wait for a picture, because when I gave them to her, she put them on her feet and wore them out to hang out with her friends, and I couldn’t find the camera in time to take a picture. So, wait until Tomorrow.


~ by Kaity on February 25, 2007.

One Response to “Saturday Music Listen”

  1. Oooooh, Queen! I love Queen. And I love “Take on Me” too.

    I’m excited to see a picture of the socks!

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