My Knit Picks order finally got here today, and the mail person has decided to stop ringing the doorbell or knocking when they drop something off, so I didn’t see it until a little while ago.

So, thus is the start of my second Red Light Special. I actually ordered the right colors this time, aren’t they pretty? The picture is pretty true to color, so.

These pictures, however, aren’t so much:

I made a quicky hat today at school.

The color is better in this picture, but still not right, it’s a bit darker, but, whatever.

Pattern: The Professionalfrom CrochetMe
Hook Size: US Size H-8
Yarn: Cascade 220, less than one skein

I modified it to accommodate my smaller gauge, and made it longer than the pattern calls for. It turned out really cute, I love the shell stitch, I think I need to make one for my sister, maybe in White?

By the way, Amy loved her scarf, and the t-shirt I made her for her birthday. Check it out:


~ by Kaity on March 27, 2007.

5 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. i REALLY like your yarn colors for your second red light special. it’s going to look so good!!

  2. Cool redlight stuff =) and quick hat and cute t-shirt

  3. Ooo, nice hat! And I like the charting on your Knitpicks project. What will it be when finished?

  4. Super cute hat!

  5. I love those colors!!! It will be beautiful!

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