Say hello to the Emerald Sweater.

(I can’t get the picture link to work, so click here to see it larger.)

I figured out what my next big project is, the Emerald sweater from It’s going super fast, too. That picture is of about 1 and a half days work. My goal is to finish it by the Cruise on the 29th. I’m almost done with the waist shaping decreases, then I have to do the neckline, waist increases, and raglan shaping all at once, oy.


~ by Kaity on April 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Say hello to the Emerald Sweater.”

  1. Wow, your taking the sweater plunge! So awesome! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. hi,
    nice sweater so far. i read your crafster thing, and i want to be your knitting penpal. that would be so great. my hubby thinks i have an old lady hobby, and it would be nice to talk knitting with someone who around the same age as me. oh and i’ll be watching you on knitty. i’m going to tivo you

  3. Oh, wow, a sweater! That’s such a pretty pattern, too.

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