Oy, the purses.

All I wanted was to knit a cute purse that fit my keys and wallet and chapstick. That’s it. I have a nice big fancy purse, but I just wanted to knit a cute little one. Apparently, It didn’t want to be knit.

First was the Squatty Sidekick. It was cute, but a little too small, so I gave it to my mom. Then, I tried out Sophie:

This one was the right size, but there was just something about it that I wasn’t keen on. It’s a bit boring for my tastes, I think. Again, this one went to my mom, and she gave me back the Squatty Sidekick.

Sooo, I looked all over the internet for another purse pattern, and remembered one from Drops Design:

Super Cute! I thought this was the one, but the pattern was a different story. First, you start off by casting on 88 sts. Okay, I can do that. Then, you knit 8 rounds in garter stitch. Okay, I can do that too. Then, you increase from 88 up to 220 stitches in one round. Eh, what? Even if you knit in the front and back of each of those 88 sts, thats only 176 sts. No where near 220. So, I improvised a bit and increased over 2 rounds. Okay, now I have 220 stitches. I start the cable pattern and I realize that 220 sts is way to many for my liking, the rounds are just taking Tooooo long.

Then, I found the “Long” version of the same bag:

It’s almost as cute as the short version. I read the pattern over, and you only have 140 sts on your needle after increasing. Much more reasonable than the 220 of the short version, and I figure I’ll just make it shorter to get the same basic look. We’ll see how that goes. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it. I’ll keep you posted.

Right now, I’m heading out the door to go see the next Harry Potter movie. Adios!!


~ by Kaity on July 15, 2007.

7 Responses to “Oy, the purses.”

  1. This is really cute! I can’t wait to see how yours comes out.

  2. Purse problems galore, what a pain. I bet you like your shorter version of pattern two much better. As quick as you knit it’ll be done in no time flat.

  3. I feel your pain. I saw that pattern and went woo-hoo! Then I reas the directions…I’m an adventurous beginner but this is way out of my league. It’s something to look forward to. But as I looked at it again on the site I saw where you can print, get UK-US terminology etc, I saw Knitting Help with a 1 behind it, clicked it and voila!

    “increase in front and back of first stitch, make one stitch,knit front and back of next 2 stitches,make one,knit front and back of next 2…….till last 3 stitches knit front and back, make 1, knit front and back, make one, knit front and back…….. it cames up with 220 stitches in total…… ” thanks to campodabarca!

    Now I figure with the way you knit you’re halfway there (or more!) with the longer one, but you may want the other for later!

  4. I am really picky about my bags too…not too big, not too small. LOL! It sounds like goldilocks. 🙂

    I plan to make myself a Sqatty bag soon. And I think your Sophie bag is very cute too.

  5. Love the drops bags… I’m always a sucker for a good handbag with cables =)

  6. lol, “quick needles Kaity” should be your “cowboy” name! Love the look of the short cable bag. I have yet to try cables but love them!

    Your mom’s a lucky girl having you around!

  7. I was gonna say pretty much what shannon said. You need to increase 3 st for every 2 sts. And since it starts out in garter stitch knit f & b and make 1 would be the easiest. Either way, both of them are super cute.

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