Lots of FOs

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As the title of this post states, I have lots of Finished Objects to show you! Let’s start with the Latest and work our way back, shall we?
10-16-2007 (2)
I just finished this one this morning. Quick knit, I tell you. I started it last night around… 8 or 9 (although, I did stay up till midnight knitting). I made this for my sister’s boyfriend. Him and his sister came over to my house last night to hang out and his sister was wearing a hat with earflaps on it, and I gave her one I knit a while ago that I was never going to wear, and Brian (my sister’s boyfriend) asked me to make him one. So I did. It’s pretty goofy, but so is he, and he likes it.

Pattern: Leef’s Earflap Hat (PDF)
Yarn: The dark green and blue are Vanna’s Choice and the light green is some random acrylic from my stash.
Needles: US Size 6 Circ and DPNs

Ok, the next FO:

Another Puppy Sweater! This is Layla’s nice sweater, where as her pink one is her play sweater. This one is also her sweater for walks (Note the whole at the back for the hook of her harness to poke out).

Pattern: A modified version of the Penny Sweater from Knitty. I changed a few things up, made it so I could knit it in the round, and fixed the mistakes (I hope) that the original pattern had. If you’d like, I’ll send you the pattern I wrote out as I went. Just email me or leave me a comment.
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca
Needles: US Size 6 DPNs

10-16-2007 (1)

And my last FO:
10-16-2007 (3)

I actually finished this a while ago, I just hadn’t gotten around to taking pictures.

10-16-2007 (4)

This is my knock-off of this hat, from a book.

Pattern: Made it up myself.
Yarn: I think the Blue was Wool Ease, and I don’t know what the white was. Something from my stash. I used Lionbrand Microspun for the lining.
Needles: US Size 3 for the lining, size 5 for the body of the hat.

I’m pretty impressed with the fact that I can take a picture from someones blog and figure out the pattern for myself. And I think I got the pattern spot-on, too.

What’s next?

Another sweater for Layla (The pink and green SWS yarn) and a hat for my dad for his birthday. I know what you’re thinking, fluorescent orange? Yes. That’s the color he asked for. He recently got a new Motorcycle (a KTM) and orange is the KTM color. He said “Could you knit an orange hat with the letters KTM on it in black?” He asked for it…


~ by Kaity on October 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “Lots of FOs”

  1. I love that hat with the ear flaps. Well done. 🙂

  2. Your knock off version is very impressive! I love both hats.

  3. i LOVE the norwegian hat. and i think the fact that you can come up with a pattern with just a visual just shows how much knitting skills you’ve come so far! =)

  4. OMG that puppy is SO CUTE!!! I love the little sweater 🙂

    I also love your knock-off version hat! Great job!

  5. I love your puppy sweater! I’d also love to knit one for my new little Min Pin. I like the idea of the hole for the harness. I hope you’ll share your modied pattern. 🙂

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