You want me to knit you what?

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I’ve pretty much only ever knit my dad Hats. I’ve asked him about other things I could knit him, and he never really says he wants anything but Hats. I did knit him that Neckwarmer for Christmas, though. When he was opening it he said:

Dad: “Oh, I know what this is!”
Me: “Nope, It’s not a hat!”
Dad: “Hmm, is it Socks?”
Me: “Um, no.”

He liked his neckwarmer, but the fact that he guessed socks was surprising to me. And, last night, I was watching TV with him and he looked over to see what I was knitting, and when I said “Socks!” he said “Ooh, for me?”


(These are the socks I was knitting)

Hmm. So I’m thinking my dad wants me to knit him socks, which I found strange, but I guess I could, right? I mean, I know how to.

Now I have to find sock yarn that he’d approve of. Washable, warm, hard wearing, and in the right colors. So far, I’m thinking about using Knit Picks Felici. I totally love the stuff. It’s soft, the stripes are cool, and it’s washable. Plus, it’s got Nylon in it, which means it’s tough. I’m also considering some kind of Trekking? Hrmm.

And those socks up there? That’s the Felici yarn that Santa brought me. Like I said, I love that yarn.


~ by Kaity on January 2, 2008.

One Response to “You want me to knit you what?”

  1. If you do make your Dad socks, be sure to get that same colorway (he seems to like it so much). That makes me giggle. I keep asking my Dad if he wants a pair but he says he won’t wear them – I think he just doesn’t know what he’s missing.

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