“You know what I think I’d like more?”

Listening To: …Hmm, nothing.

I showed my dad the yarn I bought for his socks the other day;

Me: Do you like these colors?
Dad: Uh, yeah.
Me: Do you want me to knit you socks out of it?
Dad: Sure!
Me: Alright. I’ll get to work.
Dad: You know what I think I’d like more?
Me: Um, no, what?
Dad: Like, thick warm socks that I could wear when I’m sleeping in my sleeping bag. Like slipper socks. Maybe out of Alpaca or something warm like that?”
Me: Ok!

So, I returned the stripey sock yarn and bought baby llama yarn for thick, warm socks:


Orange baby alpaca yarn. Yay! And since the yran is worsted weight, the socks are flying off the needles. I already have one finished, and I’m going to finish the other today. You see that other yarn up there? That’s for me. Filtura di Crosa Maxime Soft Socks. I saw a sock knit out of it at the LYS and it looked really nice. And it’s a bit thicker than your basic sock yarn, like a Sport or a DK Weight. I can’t wait to cast on for these socks, I’m totally starting them after I finish the socks for my dad.


~ by Kaity on January 6, 2008.

3 Responses to ““You know what I think I’d like more?””

  1. Oh man, how nice is the Miski alpaca eh? Have you seen their merino sock stuff? (Hacho? macho? something like thhat)

  2. Yay for worsted weight socks. I love the yarn you picked out for yourself, too. Those colors are so you, and they match your blog!

  3. omg i love the yarns!! and the colors. that orange looks so yummy and cuddly =)

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