Footie Sock Swap

I posted on Ravelry about starting a Sock Swap, but a Footie Sock swap. See, because whenever I do a sock swap I always feel like knitting footies for my partner because tall socks take too long, so here is a sock swap especially designed for that.

To join, just send me an email (kvonraderATsbcglobalDOTnet), and I’ll hook you up with someone to knit socks for after the deadline for joining.


  1. The socks you knit for your person must be footies (Meaning; short socks, ankle socks, you understand)
  2. Socks should be mailed to your person by March 31st, but you can send them early, if you finish them early.
  3. You aren’t required to send anything else but your socks in your package, but you can if you would like to.
  4. The person you are knitting socks for is not the person knitting socks for you. There aren’t partners.
  5. This isn’t a secret swap, you can let the person know who you are.

Once I hook you up with a person, make sure to contact them, asking them about color preferences, fiber preferences, etc.)


~ by Kaity on January 15, 2008.

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