I loves me some berets.

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The other night I was surfing around Ravelry, looking at hat patterns, and my dad was apparently looking over my shoulder. He mentioned something about a beret, but I didn’t really pay attention, and then he kept saying “Oh, I like that one” “I like that Beret” “That’s a good one”. So I turned around and said “Would you like to me knit you a beret?”

So then we went over style and shape and then came color. We where looking at all these different colors and he was pairing up color combos that he liked, he even mentioned something about making it purple. Seriously, purple? I mean, I wouldn’t mind a purple beret, but I’m a girl. He might look a bit… “special” in a purple beret, haha. So, we settled on blue.

So I knit a blue beret, and I guess it wasn’t exactly what he wanted, so I put it on my head and took to wearing it (since I look fabulous in them, if worn right). So, now I have a new hat! Yay!

(Thanks for modeling, mom.)
Pattern: House Hats from Charmed Knits (PDF File)
Yarn: Some Wool-ease from my stash
Needles: US Size 7 DPNs (I hate knitting hats on DPNs, but I don’t have a 16″ circular, size &)

1-6-08 (1)

It’s a good one. I wore it to school yesterday, and it’s almost as good as my Le Slouch.

Ever since then, I’ve had berets on my mind, and have been searching for patterns, and lo and behold, I found one. The Moss Stitch Beret. I love moss stitch, I love berets, I pretty much had to knit this one. Right now I’m chugging along on the brim, it’s going pretty darn well. I’ll post pics later on.

Alrighty. See Ya!


~ by Kaity on February 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “I loves me some berets.”

  1. I love that he was thinking purple =)) cute. It’s a great beret!

  2. Your post is very timely for me today. I’m wanting to knit a beret (purple) for my niece to go with a scarf I made her. I tried knitting her one from a pattern at Michaels.com and even though I did a gauge swatch first, the ribbed edge (band) came out way too large, and the ‘full’ part wasn’t nearly full enough.

    I’ve been on the hunt for something different. I like knitting with WoolEase and have plenty in my stash; and I actually enjoy knitting with dpns (though I do have a right size circular in my Denise’s), so onward I go. Thanks!

  3. Do you have any hand-dyed sock yarn available?
    What is the color range?


  4. Hey, just wanted to leave you a quick note saying that your blog Made My Day

  5. Hey, just wanted to leave you a quick note saying that your blog Made My Day

  6. Lovely beret!! Sweet!!!

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