I can do more than just knit.

Yesterday, I took a pair of earrings I never wore:

I'm so crafty

and a pair of little sheepy stitch markers that I love and never use:

I'm so crafty (1)

took them apart:

I'm so crafty (2)

and made me some super cute new earrings:

I'm so crafty (3)

Ain’t they cute? Yes, they are.

And tonight, I made dinner:

I made dinner

Breaded Chicken, Corn (yum yum!), Rice, and Wheat French bread (yum yum again!)

And that’s all I got for today. Have a lovely night.


~ by Kaity on March 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “I can do more than just knit.”

  1. Very cute new earrings! Kudos on the dinner! My daughter is almost 16 ans i keep hoping she might take more of an interest in cooking, lol, i could have dinner made when i get home once in a while, smile! The CPHoodie is on my knit wish list as well. How is puppy doing?

  2. You are super awesome!

  3. I really love these earrings!!!

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