Summery Knitting

Listening To: Shameless by The Let Up (I got to hang out with the guys from The Let Up a little while ago, and I really dig them. They did a cover of Billy Jean that was kick-butt.)

Anyway, It’s already July! Holy Guacamoly. It makes me kind of sad, Summer is almost over, and I have to go back to school in a month 😦

I’ve been knitting washcloths lately, they are awesome summer knitting. They are small and quick, and it’s fun to play around with different stitch patterns.

Chinese Waves Dishcloth
chinesewaves (1)

Grandmother’s Favorite Facecloth

The beginnings of the DW Darell Waltrip Dishcloth (I finished it, I just never got a picture)

But sadly, I have run out of Dishcloth Cotton. So, I started something new:

I started Danica with some yarn I bought on my 4th of july trip, but I’m sure If I’m gonna keep with it. I dunno if I love the color combo as much as when I bought it. Plus, Entrelac is a pain in my butt to knit, so I dunno. Anyone have any ideas on what else I can make with 2 different color balls of Paton’s Classic Merino?


~ by Kaity on July 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Summery Knitting”

  1. I would highly recommend trying entrelac in Noro Kureyon or silk garden.. it is interesting enough to see what ‘square’ is going to be which color and detracts from the feeling of mind-numbing boredom.

  2. fun washclothes! I wish I liked to knit with cotton! 🙂

  3. I am also knitting dishcloths these days. It’s too hot to have a lapful of wool. Your’s are very pretty. I especially like the Chinese Waves. I will make one soon!

  4. I love the color combo on the danica! my favorite, purple and green. I think you should stick with it!

  5. I love the Chinese Waves dishcloth. Is there a trick to getting the stripes to be so even. You can hardly tell where the change is. I have used varigated yarn like that before, before I can never get it to look that good. My color change is usually not on the edge. Thanks

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