Good Clean Fun

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Yesterday, I made this:

bath poof

It’s cute, it was fun to make, but in the Shower this morning I was dissapointed. It’s really dense and hard, and doesn’t get much lather going. Plus, it stays wet forever, so I’m afraid of it getting mildew-ed. I like my dollar store poof much better.

Then I found this tutorial this morning, and decided I needed to try it.
felted soaps
Thanks to my Grandma, I have a lot of roving colors to choose from.

felted soaps (2)
It was so fun to make, I had to try another:

felted soaps (4)
Fun Fun Fun. And cute! Too bad I ran out of bars of soap, I want to make more!

And, I think these are going to be better than a loofah, they get really sudsy.


~ by Kaity on August 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Good Clean Fun”

  1. Those poofs are sooo cool looking, but they are pretty sucky in the shower 😦 Throw it in the dryer and then just hang it up in the bathroom (sort of like decorative towels or something) so you can appreciate it. And I absolutely *love* the soap!

  2. Wow! Those bars are so wicked cool. You are tempting me to put down my needles and play with soap.

  3. Wowsie – that’s pretty neat and I gotta say . . . your finished ones look way cuter than the ones in the tutorial you linked!

    I’m gonna try this out tomorrow.

    Thanks for the info!

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