Let’s Be Honest.

I’m sick of blogging. I’ve been busy lately with school and stuff, and thinking about blogging bums me out. So, I’m going to stop. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every comment i’ve ever gotten, and I’ve become friends with some awesome people out there in Blogland, but I’m a bad blogger and It’s over for me. But who knows, maybe I’ll come back to it, we’ll see.

I’ll still be an active reader of my Bloglines, and I’m always on Ravelry, so look me up to see what I’m up to, the Username is KaityBeth. And feel free to email me too, kvonraderATinboxDOTcom.

Thanks to ALL of you who have read my blog over the years, I appreciate you all.


~ by Kaity on September 24, 2008.

8 Responses to “Let’s Be Honest.”

  1. I’ll be sorry to see you go but I more than understand… After nearly 5 years.. I’m very tired of blogging myself. Good Luck in the future!

  2. Best of luck, Kaity!! I’ll catch on Ravelry. {{hug}}

  3. I feel that way sometimes. Too lazy to take knitting pics. Take care and do well in school!

  4. Awww
    definitely KIT via Rav. And if you ever get a resurge of wanting to blog, do let me know! =)

  5. I went to a crochet site and your pattern for shrug made out of old t-shirt was on it, but the pattern would not come up. I would like that pattern for myself. I think it would be a cool item to have.

  6. I’ll miss you, but I totally understand. Keeping up with blogs can get tedious. It’s good to concentrate on school =) ttyl!

  7. no regrets, kaity. only good memories 🙂 enjoy what’s next for you and i look forward to seeing your creations on ravelry!

  8. Kaity, I am struggling with the Widdershin heel. After I place the markers, I end up with holes! Do you know of a video showing how to do this heel after you have placed the markers, or maybe before, I must be doing something wrong! Yikes, it’s taken me longer to try this heel than knit the whole foot! hahaha any help would be appreciated!

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